Detroit Lit Mag is a new publication, for a new city, and a new time—albeit its tastes are remarkably classical. We are brazenly anti-innovative; we are exhausted of your alienating and indecipherable poetries. We like the naïve, that which is “on fire” for Life itself; we like the old forms, rhymed sonnets, exquisite ideas exquisitely phrased, Beauty, Nobility, arbitrarily capitalized Abstract Nouns etc. The aim of this publication is to print genuinely compelling, beautiful, human, refining, and otherwise pleasurable work. We reject most vehemently as well this Poetry of Infinite Selves that is going around, our pitiful 21st century; we have tasted enough of selfhood for many lifetimes. We do not wish, reading a poem aloud, to taste the very tongue of the poet who penned it. Let us read with our own tongues, and we will be grateful.