yes more covers


Denver has really good used bookstores and many of them


Iowa is a nightmare. Iowa City is a nightmare within one. Some DLM covers

I hope that some Iowans read this because I want them to know it. I hate Iowa


it’s coming along. i’m getting back to all the submissions these days. Collecting for volume 4 now. Been in the desert for 40 days can’t wait to go home (but not before I put these lit mags in all the used book stores from Pheonix back to Detroit)

Haiku / Robert Hunter

This haiku by Robert Hunter describes the enormous silence of the late fall.

Failed Landscape in Kentucky

This poem, by Robert Hunter, describes the attempt to describe a beautiful landscape, which degenerates into merely imagining oneself as the landscape.

All Curtains Drawn / Valentine

This sorrowful, late-autumnal poem, by Valentine, is in a traditional sonnet form, something most of us have forgotten about completely. It describes the cold, and the lack of one’s beloved.

My Love Among the Mountains / Casey Haloran

This beautiful poem by Casey Haloran describes a long hiking trip with his beloved, and ends with a very peculiar image.