Haiku / Robert Hunter

This haiku by Robert Hunter describes the enormous silence of the late fall.

Failed Landscape in Kentucky

This poem, by Robert Hunter, describes the attempt to describe a beautiful landscape, which degenerates into merely imagining oneself as the landscape.

All Curtains Drawn / Valentine

This sorrowful, late-autumnal poem, by Valentine, is in a traditional sonnet form, something most of us have forgotten about completely. It describes the cold, and the lack of one’s beloved.

My Love Among the Mountains / Casey Haloran

This beautiful poem by Casey Haloran describes a long hiking trip with his beloved, and ends with a very peculiar image.

A Spectacle of My Misery / Adam Burton

This very bizarre and comical essay, by Adam Burton, describes the experience of crawling on hands and knees through a busy small town in the late afternoon.

Cicadas Cicadas Cicadas Cicadas Cicadas / Colm Bleecker

This work, by Colm Bleecker, contains 9 formally-symmetrical and absolutely brilliant “ways of looking at” cicadas—some mystical, some humorous, and some straightforward images.

Two Poems for October Wind / Charlie Dunn

These two fall-themed poems by Charlie Dunn contain a haiku’s sensibility, and give a sensation of cold and exhaustion, suitable moods for an autumn read.

Three Brief Dickinsonisms / Alecia Sakharova

These three “Dickinsonisms,” by Alecia Sakharova, are in faultless imitation of the beloved Emiliy Dickinson, in form and, to some extent, cognition.

Charlie and Thus / Charlie Dunn

This odd little fairy tale, much in the way of the old fairy tales, describes the success of a quick wit over the potentially evil forces of nature.

Discussing Evolution / David James

This scantily-rhymed little poem by David James describes a sort of wistful experience of taking his bird outside, in its cage.