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Iowa is a nightmare. Iowa City is a nightmare within one. Some DLM covers

I hope that some Iowans read this because I want them to know it. I hate Iowa

FALL ISSUE COMING SEPTEMBER—it’s a damned good one, too

I’m going to print several hundred (here are a mere 25) for distribution, in September, in Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Marquette, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and ideally any of the surrounding cities. Some are stapled, some sewn beautifully by my wife, who has a sewing machine. I have yet to make the covers, but they will be as sloppy as ever. I was quite surprised by the number of submissions coming in this last month! I was sort of drowning in the slush pile for some days, but now I think I’ve hit my groove. This issue is some 6 pages longer as a result, and as far as the work itself goes, I an very proud to say that it seems to show a harmonic thread throughout, and a definite sustainment of the quality of the first mag, and even an improvement (with no offense to those first contributors).

I was too lazy to distribute the last 10 or so copies of the summer DLM, and as I struggled to pay all of our Fall contributors, I decided that it would be wisest to begin selling copies to help defray the cost of those remunerations. They are 15 bucks on my wife’s Etsy page, Alternately, you could buy a Fall issue, and prescribe the doodle, if you so desire.

Thanks to all the contributors and submitters and readers! Thanks to anyone who has said a kind word in our favor—it lifts our spirits immensely! Thanks to the bookstores putting the mag on display! Thanks!

Some more of the issues roaming about the Detroit area