yes more covers


Denver has really good used bookstores and many of them


Iowa is a nightmare. Iowa City is a nightmare within one. Some DLM covers

I hope that some Iowans read this because I want them to know it. I hate Iowa


it’s coming along. i’m getting back to all the submissions these days. Collecting for volume 4 now. Been in the desert for 40 days can’t wait to go home (but not before I put these lit mags in all the used book stores from Pheonix back to Detroit)

Artsy Fall Issue photos

My wife took some artsy photos with her nice camera. Everything’s ready. There are some two hundred issues for now. I’m driving out of state to put them in the bookstores. The poems will be posted on the blog over the course of the next two months, starting tomorrow. Every 3 days or so I’ll publish another one.