Theatre of a Sudden Downpour

I – Said the Man in the Tree Gladly

Being a cloud can seem a paced life,
But already it comes time for me to perish.
My fingers are heavy. Look, I release them,
To mutely play the waters like
A piano infinitely keyed. My body
Becomes foreign to me; I don’t recall it;
I will let it melt sweetly away.
Below there, in the creek, downstream
A boy and girl are racing chicories
O savor this pure love, and this youth!
While I wither, all the way up here,
You are laughing sweetly. Soaked helplessly,
You lie down sweetly in the running water.

Uh oh. Now they have noticed the old man,
In the tree, watching them. It would
Be best, I think, if he got down from there.

II – Said the Boy in the Creek Sadly

I feel like a very lonely king,
Or the king of an expansive waste.
I am cautious exiting my throne, for
The branches are slippery already;
And I laugh, not to keep off sadness,
But just because sorrow eventually
Folds over on itself this way,
And soon all one can do is softly laugh.
I do not belong here at all,
In life or in the world, I never have—
But death approaches day by day to loose me,
And that is an optimistic thought.

III – Said the Cloud in the Sky Madly!

I hate!— I will ruin these things!
Poof! I’ll strike the moths down hard
With moth sized fists, I’ll pluck the leaves,
Seal off the anthills; and I swear,
If I could spill that man to earth
To break, and sweep this boy and girl
Away to drown I would, I swear!
I would kill everything, if I could.

Charlie Dunn lived and died in Ypsilanti, and never succeeded in publishing his work. His father and friends are doing their best to get his writing into publication.

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