When the apocalypse comes, I will be glad!!
I want to die with all of you, at once,
and scream and run with you in burning streets,
while failing earth gapes blackly at our feet;
How grand! How glad!
How fun—
but it must be all of us at once.

When finally it comes, I will be grand,
and wailing with the rest of you, and drunk—
No more books! No houses! Only death!
Only free dying, lovely! This is best:
No happier thing was ever man’s
in all his days under the sun
than to perish, all together—all at once.

Robert Kicinski is another descendent of Polish immigrants in South-East Michigan. He lives temporarily in Chicago, but returns often to the Detroit area. He has been published in 3:am Magazine and Outsider Poetry, and his self-published chapbook, The Spring!!!!!!!!!!!! can be found at Quimby’s Bookstores in Chicago and NYC.

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