And Yet Somewhere There Is a Final Sea / Kent Bramble


Ten million times before we reach those seas
Which man does not yet know, that brim with fish
Unlike the strangest we have ever seen,
Ten million men, as if it were their wish,

“Now all is finished,” will so calmly say,
“And we await destruction eagerly,
Which comes to close our drawn-out days.
The world is weary, weary as are we.”

Their progeny will nonetheless wage war,
And love and injure one another there,
On distant planets, two and three and more,
And bathe in starlit rivers, shouting, bare—

Whose unimaginative kids will sigh:
The world is tired! Tired as am I.

Kent Bramble is a Sci-fi writer (hobbyist), living in Indian Village, in Detroit.

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